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hi folks i'm looking for some sort of coding

for a dj panel were you can you're DJ'S images everytime they are due

to go on air then when they have uploaded there images it shows you there

images on you're websites home page. so basically i'm looking for something were my DJ'S can login

using username and pass then when there in they can upload there image?



please help

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No idea


But another way is to add a page for each DJ onto your website and add a link to the relative DJ page within the showtime plugin and then when a listener clicks on the link for that particular show that showtime is displaying they will get the correct links for requests etc.

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I was thinking of coding something simple like this for people to use.


There are scripts out there that do this, they were created for Habbo Radio Stations because a lot of Habbo stations had a high turnover of DJ's and DJ's from around the world at different timezones.


One that comes to mind is Radio DJ Panel v3. Try that out and see if its what you want.

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