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tunein radio


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What error are you getting? I know some of the people at TuneIn and get our clients listed very quickly. If you want me to try listing yours, PM me the details and I'll give it my best.

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TuneIn doesn't need any files from You

You only have to submit Your project and if all is set and done You can receive a PAL script with Your TuneIn "station ID" & "partner ID" & "partner key"

Those 3 elements has to be inserted to the PAL script, that way the display of the stations playlist at your TuneIn page gonna be updated at all time

Hi there im having problems getting our station online via tunein? I have used .asx .pls and all sorts and still i get this error. All we want to do is get our station on tunein please help

Check for details these links :



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