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looking for a voice over male or female


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I am looking for a vioce over


ladies and gentlemen are you ready to party (dry)

Are you ready to dance all night long (dry)

eveyone give it up for the one and only DjBlueArrow(dry)



P.S. hopefully they wont close it again:)


ty for your time

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The reason they are closing your threads are simple, you MUST READ the "Guidelines for Voiceovers"! It helps to read the rules when visiting a new site. It simply states:


We usually do not set a limit on posts but we ask that you contribute to areas outside of the Voiceover Section, may we suggest Introducing Yourself, Posting some helpful information in other active threads or asking new questions around our many forum categories to make your request look more legit and realistic.

So far, you have only made one legitimate post! The other post are asking for someone to give you something for free. It is usually considered fair to ask for a free voiceover after you have posted 10 qualifying post. So, be sure and read the Guidelines, make a few more post, then come back and ask for your free VO's.

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No loss guys, I received an email from him. He doesn't know how to use a computer well enough as he replied to an automatic email sent by the site which bounced back to me. I thought i'd share it...


"some people do go to sites like yours because they need help with something they shouldn't be forced to reply to other post before making they own post it just f**king stupid to try and force me to reply to other post before you let make my own . I bet if you fixed that then u might have alot more people on your site . i dont even care that you blocked me because i found a better more helpful site good day to you"


Good day to you too.

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i wrote that becasue i was just frustratded you go to any other site like this and they dont make you do all of this just to be able to post new thread . i went to another site and was able to post right away .


sometimes it helps to be patient and polite...

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