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Audio Processing


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What software do you use for processing your audio? I've seen the other thread, that ended up in a "fight" over off-topic things. I just want to know the following:


Your bitrate

Your processing software, if any, and why you use it.



I broadcast in 192 and 64

I use Sound Solution (DSP plugin) for processing. This gives a nice compression and expander and mimic the sound of a "real" radio station. (FM)

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I currently use the sound processing Plugin as part of RadioDJ using the settings that were posted on the RDJ forums. The Latest Beta sounds fantastic with the settings i have. Sounds pretty good at 48kbps AAC+ and 128kbps mp3 (Don't have a public stream ATM just using it locally)


Never really got on with Sound Solutions DSP could never get the settings right. Also tried Breakaway and found that screwed up on CPU usage......


I guess it's horses for courses everyone has their 1 favourite program for processing sound.

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RadioDJ is my FAVOURITE piece of software it works when I need It



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We currently broadcast at the following


128kbps MP3 Stereo

64kbps MP3 Stereo

48kbps MP3 Stereo

24kbps MP3 Stereo

64kbps MP3 Stereo unmetered stream

24kbps AAC+ Stereo

12kbps AAC+ Mono

48kbps MP3 Stereo Port 80 stream


We basically run our processing near on flat as the vast majority of our listeners tune in via their mobile devices and if we enhance the bass too much then it just sounds distorted when listening via a mobile. Our processing is tweaked just slightly to give the sound some depth and clarity but we do not go over the top and we think it sounds ok.


Our listeners are Taxi Drivers who are constantly moving about hence them tuning in via mobile devices and hence the reason for the low bitrate streams that we run, we need to cater for all mobile data allowances.


Also lower bitrate streams are a lot quicker to buffer when then is a momentary loss of signal while on the move, trying to listen to a 128kbps stream in bad signal areas can be quite frustrating but our 24kbps AAC+ stream sounds great and buffers really quickly so when there is a loss of signal the stream comes back up the the listeners mobile device very quickly.

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I tried out Stereo Tool but found that it distorts our sound to much. Stereo Tool is great for low bitrate streams i think.


We had the same problems in regards to getting the settings right with Sound Solution, but after months of tweaking and adjustments we found a sound thats really good. We also broadcast to mobile devices and our 64kbps mp3 stream with sound solution is OK. Of course, the optimal would be aac 64.


We use a slight compression to get that FM sound (really nice on voice), a little bit of bass gain and I used the native EQ of sam broadcaster to just up the treble just a little bit.

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currently use Breakaway live now here to test, in the rack Behringer MDX8000, Warsanis 1401 Fm. And on the buy list Orban 5500. Bitrade 192 kbps and 128 kbps. Hobby station so it change time to time.
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