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Power radio mixdown jingles made self production


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Hello Broadcasters, Here are some jingles i made self for my own hobby station Power radio.The jingles are free spoken by voice overs from the site raddiodaddy and voice overs that I know and were prepared for free speak. For this production I use Adobe Audition 3 and Audition CS6 with alot of VST plugins. the fx used, Orange panther, Redgell, Strike FX, Airmedia freebees, and much more from this purchased libarey. For Copyright i just produced the mixdown heavy by broadcast plugin in Adobe, so the can be used for Airplay just for promo

So let me know what you think of this!

Power radio mixdown promo.mp3

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Life's is what you made it, It's A Sin
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Thanks just try to produce some fine work. Its not Always acceed what i had in mind but do my best on it. Thanks for the words it means something to me. :thumbup:
Life's is what you made it, It's A Sin
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You have the skills mate !

Awesome !

and yes ... Adobe is Our best friend to make "that magic" :yes:


PS : at 1:40 I hear a friend of mine :rolleyes:


PS 2 : check 0:25 ... its one of those people with a real deeeeeeep US voice

but his voice sounds also awesome if You add the setting "on hold phone" (see AA settings = EQ > FFT filter > OnHold Phone) ...

You can adjust the "OnHold Phone" default to Your taste

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Visit and listen @ BW !



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