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Production and Voicework - Need Critiques


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Hey everyone, I am a third year broadcasting student in Canada and I wish to become a Production Director or Announcer for my future career. With just one year left of schooling, and then out into the real world, I'd like to get some opinions on some of my work. My College has it's own station, and I was selected to become the Production Director - responsible for PSA's, Commercials, and Station Imaging.







Your Station ID MAR 1.wav

Arkells Burn.WAV

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So I'm biased in a way that makes me love the first clip (nice rule). Overall: the dialogue was good, the voice work was excellent, and I love your choice of songs. The only complaint I have is how the sound effects are leveled (maybe lower it a few db). Besides that, it's perfect! Good job.
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