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How can I get filthy rich without spending any time/money?

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I don't really know what I'm doing... just kinda making things up as I go. And I wanted to share...


I just received 100 QSL cards from an online print-shop. They turned out great. Donations of $5 receive a QSL card. I've already sent two out (I only just started broadcasting a few days ago, but my friends are awesome people :)).


My paypal return-page thanks the listener for their support and reminds them to like the station on facebook. It also invites them to post a picture of themselves with their QSL card :thumbup:



I've noticed that life only grants me one good idea a week, so if you've got something I could use, please share :lol:

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Interesting idea, for reason that most of Us don't know the person and receiver of the stream

Even after more than 3 decades into radio & media I'm not familiar with QSL cards


My 2 cents :

It can be also a good idea to ask listeners to send their photo to the stations account

That way, We should know to who We are talking


Thanks Ashworth for the input !

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Years and years ago, QSL cards for shortwave radio stations were all the rage. I have a few I got from behind the Iron Curtain that are definitely a collectors item now.


That being said - you could adapt the QSL card idea into a QSL certificate. Make it a 8 x 12 diploma style with nice graphics and verbage. You could have the things printed on heavy stock paper at a local print shop for relatively cheap and ask for a bit more money.




Something I just thought of - you could create a "stock" certificate, ask for a small donation and send the listener the stock certificate. The certificate could say that the recipient is a proud member of a select listener group and financial contributor - something along those lines. Some old stock certificate are worth more as art than they were worth originally as stock.


Just my two cents :)

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