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Running SAM Broadcaster from a PC at home Vs running it on a VPS


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Hi Guys


Just wondered what your thoughts were on the pro's and con's of running your automation software from either a PC at home streaming 24 hrs a day to running your automation software on a VPS?


We currently run SAM Broadcaster for our automation but have LIVE DJs link in via a remote show script and most of them use Radio DJ.


The PC running SAM is currently housed in an office in a Taxi garage but it is very dusty in there and the PC is not going to last long, that combined with the cost of the Broadband connection is making me wonder whether it would be better to run it from a VPS.


I have found a Windows 2008 VPS with 2x3Gb Processors, 8GB Ram and 500GB of storage for £24.95 per month or £200 per year.


Just wondered what your thoughts were on this?

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SAM Broadcaster does not require a sound card to operate, so running from a virtual server will not be a problem.

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SAM runs just fine on a VPS. I have 2 stations running right now on one. But 25 quid a month is expensive for a small VPS.


Can you recommend a VPS, your small VPS works out at £23.00 per month for 20GB storage 512mb memory and a single core processor and 1000gbs of bandwidth!


At the moment I have it running on a VPS with a single core and 512mb of memory and it keeps buffering! This VPS only costs me £9.95 per month!

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