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Schedules do i need one?

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I have set my station to broadcast 24/7, however i only have about 6 hours of hosted shows.

At the moment all the shows have a set time to start... ie; Show 1 starts at 00.00 hours, Show 2 starts at 01.00 hours and show 3 starts at 02.00 hours.... OK so far.

Then after the schedule completes,m show 1 will start at 06.00 hours and so on... so all shows repeat at scheduled times.

This makes it awkward if i want to add new show, it throws the schedule out.


Would it be better simply to set the shows in a sequence and loop, so to add another show all i need to do is insert it into the sequence.

That way i can add shows whenever and in whatever order until the 24 hours are full.


Not sure if all this makes sense... suggestions please.

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