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[Free Voiceover Request] Marathon for charity...

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Could someone please do a dry or produced read of this for me please?

"The 72 Hour Marathon is coming. This August 13th, join Callum Sutton, Daniel Bell, Leigh Brown, Ginger Steve, Louis Percival, Lliam Broomfield and Samuel Smith from 6pm, as they battle through three whole days on the air, in aid of Help For Heroes. Only, on Ignite Radio, at www dot ignite hyphen radio dot com"

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Hey Callum,

Here's my take on it. Hope it's helpful!

72 Hour Marathon VO.mp3

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Chris Carrington

Radio Production Professional






If you would like to hire me, please check out the above links to my personal business page. If I've done any free work for you on this site, please consider a donation.

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