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Need help finding automation software!


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I'm currently trying to move a radio station away from RCS NexGen and into something easier to manage/teach to volunteers. Right now I've spent the better part of today running around in circles. To give a give a brief description, what I want is:


-Something similar to NexGen

-One station

-Easy too use and teach

-More than 14-day schedule

-Windows 7 compatiable


Unfortuntely, I'm quite new to all of this and have somehow ended up managing the station. Any suggestions, help, etc. would be much appreciated.


Thank you.

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Hi, i think it's a bit expensive but for me is one of the best radio automation software you can even find. You can also try the demo version with max 100 mp3's.





Server Shoutcast 2.0 - Centovacast 3.0 - Server Shoutcast 1.9.8 - HTML5 Player with Album Cover - Server Icecast - Facebook App Player


Contact: info@hostingshoutcast.com ; sales@shoutcasthosting.it

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