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Need advise on the following:

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Is there a software or app that can help collate song lists and display it on Twitter/Facebook automatically?


For example:


The radio station is Yes 933 FM and there is an internet radio version: http://radio.mediacorp.sg/RadioLive/Yes933.aspx


The other address: http://www.meradio.sg/starterkit/radioStreaming.html?station=933


The twitter account used to post the songs regularly but has discontinued for a few days. I was thinking if it is possible for me to start one on my own.


Any ideas?


Thank you.

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In order to get song info to post on twitter you first need your API keys from dev.twitter.com


The required files are here http://www.mediafire.com/download/7so4ag668weh56b/twitter.zip


You need to fill in the details of your API key and Shoutcast server inside twitter.php


As for posting songs to facebook just set your twitter account to post to facebook.


Enter your shoutcast server details and also make sure your webhost allows fsock connections.


then run it by opening it in a browser or run it as cron job.

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