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Voice Over needed for internet only. Credits and Link to your can/will be posted.


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I am promoting a dog show on facebook and youtube. I need a voice in a Hip Hop or Urban Energized way to play over my slideshow. It can be produced or dry. Im on a low budget and my paypal account is negative due to fees taken out. If you can help me out, I would appreciate it. If you cant do it free, I can pay upto $20 but it would have to be later when paypal account clears up. Thanks in advance.


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I don't mean to sound like a butt here, but the only response you're gunna get to this is to post more until you start requesting VO's. You can't just create and account, and BAM start asking for stuff. Become a part of the community, offer us something (definitely not spam/useless posts) and we'll offer you something back.


...and I'm sure a mod will chime in here eventually.

Chris Carrington

Radio Production Professional






If you would like to hire me, please check out the above links to my personal business page. If I've done any free work for you on this site, please consider a donation.

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Firstly thanks Chris for your post. Revedup please become part of the community before expecting VO's. You should not be asking for downloads outside of this site. When you have made a genuine contribution to this site you will be allowed downloads. There are some amazing contributors to this site and I suggest you have a look around to see what is on offer. I am sure in due course you will get help with your requests.

Regards Mark

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