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Hello There,


I would like to get your feedback advice. What is the best way to do a live remote using shoutcast?


So say you are running automation software, and then you go to a remote location and want to do a live broadcast using shoutcast.


I see two options:


1. Kick your normal source using shoucast kick source, then connect from remote computer, not sure this will work?


2. Schedule a simulcast of your secondary live stream via automation software?


3. remote desktop to connect to main server, disconnect and then connect from remote?


Any other ideas?




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Personally, set up a clean rebroadcast via automation back at the studio and have some way to trigger it remotely or have it scheduled if possible. Although people do it, kicking the source can be problematic and has always risked disconnecting listeners in the process. If you use Icecast, there are ways via Icecast itself to use a fallback stream to accomplish this and is seamless to the listeners as far as connections go but it is a hard cut over from automation.


What I have always wanted in this kind of feature is have the automation software buffer the remote feed and hold off starting to air it until after the currently playing track is finished, play a bumper if applicable, etc.. So the remote feed would be mildly delayed up to however long it takes to finish up what is currently running. But it is clean and professional sounding imho. Of course also depends on whether your remote feed is time sensitive or not, like a sports event.

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Theirs a couple of ways to do this. My personal favorite is Doing duel streams with Icecast, and setting a fallback point.


Unrelated to this, The C-panel controls whatever automation software is installed (usually ICES .4 Centova Cast GNU edition if you had the company do the install on your server Jim) and then sets it in motion. It isnt an automation. It only sends commands skinned, so that you dont have to do it through Command line. Their are QUITE a couple of open source programs that do the same.


While I CANNOT deny that Centova has made signifigant improvements, They still havent gotten with the modern age (as with all C-panel friendly clients) and gone the direction of liquid soap. I wont name all the companys that uses it, but its far more complex, and intelligent than SC_transV2 and ICES.


For that matter, at least WHMSonic set up a AAC+v2 codec for their auto DJ, which was an absolute step in the right direction. I dont remember if Centova ever corrected this, but I do remember thinking,"WHY IS IT that WHMSonic the only one that gets the concept of Pamoramic stereo, and good quality at low bandwidth?" The only issue is they were using SC_trans, and they didnt intigrate the "%" wildcard playlist creation to twist automation to their Whim (no pun intended) nor did they create any arguements of any kind within their program. I still back AAC+v2 automations.


But I'll tell you the truth Jim, If you write your own PHP script for server control (which I dont use any more, since all I need is 1 hidden webpage in the back of a website, thats hyperlinks send that with a line of good ol HTTP arguement code to KH Icecast 2, being that it responds to URL beautifully http://www.xiphicecast.webspace.virginmedia.com/ ) you can control your mount points, and shuffle listeners with a click. Run multiple streams from other locations, ect.


Karl Heyes version of Icecast is just a bad ass. No panel required.


Thats why Centova started using it. HIGH demand. Believe me, they were getting flooded with request, and that AAC+v2 flash player with no Wowza/Red 5 media server was icing on the cake.


OH, back on topic. Anything will work. PERSONALLY? I used to do remote to my friends station using Team Viewer. I call it my "Brutal remote". He uses SAM, I dont. So, I control his SAM through teamviewer. When I want to say something? I record it, then drag it into the playlist after a current song for seamless transition. If SAM would create a remote program for itself, I would be impressed. BUT the days of DSJ and Ed Zalinski are gone. No innovation.


If you want to see what Im talking about, Watch this:




I wasnt pretty, it was 1 AM, and my friend called me out to trouble shoot something. The bonds of webcasters LOL.


But back then, I would use it through Team viewer Directly. Hold the button and talk, ect. His computer broadcast 24/7

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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