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Windows Media Services Pro's and Con's

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Hello Again, Thank you for replying on my last thread, but I decided not to use icecast temporarily just shoutcast.Now we will open a new thread, I heard about "Windows Media Services". I just want to know what the pro's and cons of the server. And also what stream hosting provider provides this Windows Media Services, Either Paid or Free. Thanks!

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We have many stations broadcasting on Widows media and they do just fine. No issues. Actually the sound is a little better than Shoutcast for the same bitrate.

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WMA in all honesty actually has better quality than MP3 at the same bitrates and is comparable to AAC+ at certain lower rates. But to be quite honest with AAC+ being more readily usable these days on more and more devices, the only reason to use Windows Media services is if you have a distinct need for a specific feature it carries or if you are targeting Windows/Windows Mobile/Windows Phone devices that either have no AAC/AAC+ support or have much better support of WM streaming.


I used to be a WMS advocate (at least running in tandem with Shoutcast/Icecast doing dual WMA/MP3 streams) but as the industry has progressed with alternative codecs it just hasn't been worth it.


There is ONE feature I forgot about that is really nice in theory but I haven't played with it much is multi-rate streaming so in one stream you can have multiple bitrates of your choice and in theory the internet connection will dictate what bitrate you get and should reduce dropouts and buffering. But again, I never dealt too much into it nor had a suitable 'crappy' connection to test with.

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I definitely agree with WMS being a better quality than shoutcast. We dont offer it unfortunately, but if you are looking to spend a little bit extra and have a better sound, go with ShoutcastStreaming! Great company!

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