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Hi there ! i have been asked to bring back a prerecorded show i used to do called after dark , It was a late night love style show featuring the best in laid back music , Well i am looking for any suggestions or ideals of some features i could include if i was to bring it back , i thought i would ask anyone on here for there thoughts of what could be put on the show this time . i dont realy want it to sound like it was before . Want a new feel to it if i bring it back . So any ideals or suggestions you might beable to put my way would be good . Thanks for your time & help from steve
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When I was running shows live, I would do a "graph of three"


Might be a little amature, but I recently saw an article with someone doing the same thing. This should be like a flash card for inspiration for you, but you got to make one that themes your style:


The three.jpg


Your "funny" is to open up a show, and get juices for the "interact" to flow. Your three doesn't need to include funny, just the general idea that I previously described.


Your interact is how you and the audience move with each other. Phone might not be a part of it. It might be social media movements.


Your "Theme" is the tools in your inventory to make the audience want to interact with you.


The ability to be interpersonal is your #1 cat in the bag.


The three2.jpg


Ok so I have jotted down a tree for an example.



"So I was watching Miley Cyrus on the VMA, (wisper) Im not a sex offender (/wisper)..... Had this guy named Greg //This is Factitious character// at work showing one of the interns how the dance went. Now folks, I know there was a fake image of Will Smiths family going around from the performance, but the look on this interns face, it wasn't fake. Im talking 3 minutes of Dance agony. You ever see a fat kid try to play Dance Dance revolution? With an ice cream in his hand? Now imagine a 260 lb man attempting to do a twerk in front of a twenty something little petite girl, except it was a ham sandwich and her look was more of a horror movie face. Check out her performance yourself, and while your at it? Hit up our twitter next week with a worse AND FOLKS IT MUST BE WORSE twerk video from youtube. We'll announce the winner with a FREE tee shirt. I twerked in it, it still smells like me. But if you want a new one, request it. More music comming to you from........... "



That took me 5 minutes to write it using my flash card.


NOW. Remember!!!!!


Think TWITTER. Write it, read it, FORCE YOURSELF TO SHORTIN IT. Think funny, punctual MEAT, and cut down on the potato's. Unless thats a signature touch of your show. But you compliment your show, not the other way around.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Here are a couple of show prep sites that we regularly use.







Reverend Aquaman | Station Manager | andHow.FM

Where it's *ALL* about the music!

A world-class, always eclectic, commercial-free, alternative, modern, retro, indie rock radio station.

Jamming the free world, one person at a time since 1998. Got Indie?

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Remember: Google is your friend, if you use it right. Use the filters, and search last 24hours to a week for news.


Same with youtube, when looking for a topic in your genre.


Perfect example: I just searched, and found out Finland air guitar championships were this week:


So I would post this on my blog: http://www.2camels.com/air-guitar-world-championships.php


Man, Nothing says "super hot" like watching ladys play factitious air guitars. The championships just went down this week in Finland. Doesnt matter who won to me, its more like racing. Some people go to races just to watch the crashes, and me? I just like to watch the facial expressions. I took the liberty of posting a youtube video of me with my best air guitar faces in the studio jammin. If you think you got what it takes? Post your Air guitar video challenge, and slap it on our Facebook or Twitter. Winner takes my air guitar. OH, and we will open up the show next week with: "This is the )SHOW( with your air guitar champion" and your name there. NO NUDE VIDEO's. UNLESS your a lady, because lady air guitar winners are hot. Go ahead and send that strait to the studio's E-mail, my (SISTER, MOM, WIFE, FELLOW LADY DJ) doesnt check that one. Let the games begin, and lets kick off this music hour with...........



5 minutes. No bull.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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This is pretty new:




So this guy builds a replica of this night rider series car. I couldn't build Kit though. I'm sure my car would say all sorts of stupid things. Like.... Oh..... hey look, a pontiac Aztek, you ready for a collision? Or, it would question why I dont change the oil enough, and complain to me all night. What would your car tell you? Hit us up on twitter, or the sites chat... Speaking of cars, I'm going to play some (band that has nothing to do with cars) , which has nothing to do with cars, because you shouldn't drink and drive. Why I never drive after 7 PM. More news coming up after this.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Oh here you go, another freebee


POST this for content distribution: http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/to...ves-8C11014693


So I broke my Cell phone this week, but no I didn't drop it. I had this idea. Everyones talking about the google glass alternative. So I figured ," Why buy glass, I have a smartphone, let me convert it!" So I went ahead and taped it to my a pair of safety googles, and saved myself $500.


(POST IMAGE OF YOURSELF WITH SAID "rigged google glass")


Now it was going great, until I wanted to test out its features, so I went to the park, was walking around, recorded like a champ. Got a couple of ackward looks, but whatever. So then I sit down, and I decide," Let me watch a movie" So Im digging through my movies, which happen to be mostly "guy movies" and accidentally double tap a "looooove flick" while trying to tinker with this hunker on my face.


So I didn't have headphones in, and The "looooooove flicks" audio started playing, their was a woman and her young child walking away. but whatever....


So then it was night, and I really needed to use the head. So I turned on the smartphones light, and walked myself to the restroom. Then as Im using a urinal, this dude starts screaming at me...and I tell him "Hey guy, Im not recording, if I was my light would be....." and thats about the time he punched me in the face. But for 12 hours of glory, my jerryrigged google glass worked like a champ. If your rig beats my rig, let me know, and Im going to open the phone lines right now so you can tell me how great google glass is, especially for those who dont own one...."



NICE BIG TOPIC THAT could go on for hours of privacy vs. helping technology.


For more hilariousness, just be like: IT HELPS SO MUCH THOUGH, REMEMBER HOW MUCH IT WAS AN AID WHEN SIRI OR GALAXY COME OUT? Now I just talk to my phone, and it instantly helps me. Like dials the friend I want on the first try when I talk to it. Doesn't yours do that?

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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