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Looking for a Top 40 or EDM Home? Want some North American and UK Exposure?


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Hey ladies and gentleman...... Generation Zel! Radio is looking for you! This station is based in Ontario, Canada but has DJs and presenters from the US, UK, France, the Netherlands and Australia. The station runs a Top40 and EDM format. We are looking for presenters and or DJs that can offer:


- Dance, hip hop, d n b, electro, or top 40 playlist. OR

- Hot talk (the station is formatted to 16+ so language is allowed)

- SAM (Or any other broadcast software), and Skype are great assets.

- ability to show up on time (if live) or upload podcast in time (if scheduled)


We offer a station that is promoted across several platforms including social media, advertising on the sites (there are also babe and dude of the day pages), as well as in stream (through 30 or 60 sec ads during music times), and a passion for fun, edgy radio. We make sure we take care of our family first. Contact genzel@genzel.ca if you are interested, pm me, or reply in thread and let's get you on air!

Roby - Generation Zel! Radio

Brantford's Coolest Radio station

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