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Hi I was wondering how to boost my listeners since I don't have many. I've tried posting on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and everything in between. But it don't seem to be working. And I don't have a budget to advertise. So is there another way of boosting my listeners?
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Ok. So have some time to drop this long and thought out now.


I have wasted tons of money in this equation, and my formula (which can be completely different than others)


1) You have to use the rule of thirds with people in your fan base locally.


If I go out RIGHT NOW to downtown San Diego, and find people that like my genre (EDM/ERM) 1 third will say yes to radio, 1 third will say I never listen to radio, unless a friend/relative is participating in "pump it or dump it" sessions with a demo on FM, and one third will say maybe.


But instead of fighting for the middle ground, screw the middle ground.


Your competing against professional stations. You dont need occasional listeners, you want followers. people that will interact. People that have your back. people that you can develop a following, friendship, ect.


So you focus on them. A few cases in point:


Their was this guy I dont see much since I lost my FB account (I gotta go find him) and his radio name was Chris Roc. If he was a guy I didn't know, I would find him annoying. But he knew how to network in to peoples lives, be cool, and get a following with the people that would dig his rock genre.


He started going to his local bars to broadcast live and promote the bar. He would go to local charity events, and broadcast there using crap bandwidth, horrible encoders, and a horrible interface. But when FRIGGEN Chris took the air, he would put people on the air. He would go to stores and ask them if they want to be on the air. Despite all odds, he did the impossible. He gave people a chance to be important. Random people became his Fanbase. all the sudden, those people that were "feeling" important were actually talking to an audience, each other. Chris was so insain, that he would go on stunts to raise money for charity's, (just like that movie hotrod.)


He wasn't some guy we all heard of, but to his local fanbase, you said Chris Roc, and everyone said "yeah, I know that guy, cool guy"


and then when he would post when he was going on air, their would be 100-200 legit likes. Maybe not that many listeners, but you get the point.


and people talked about his show. It got popular. He built himself. A lone wolf that defied professional radio and kicked ass doing it with his $7 1/4 mono T/R mic (anyone remember my Tin Can Broadcaster group? I learned a few things from him whether I want to admit it or not)


It didn't start with some random fluke, or some magic arrow trick he flung money at. No special crazy scripts, or organized website. It started with A stable, loyal fan base.





Of anyone that I predicted to not meet his goals in internet radio, it was DJ Bankrupt. Of anyone that laughed in my face and deserved to do so, it was also DJ Bankrupt....


DJ Bankrupt ran MMM radio. Probably still has a following.... One sec.... (kicks over to Youtube)


...Ah yes, DJ bankrupt



So, I used to be on this hate the PRO (Professional Rights Organizations) rant back in the day, and I met DJ bankrupt supporting unsigned artist. Started talking about this radio bit I was doing.


So he goes, take his massive webring of unsigned hiphop artist, ask each individually if they wanted to be on the air, and starts to promote them. Since it was all unsigned artist, with their own style (and original beats) they quickly start banging CC colors ( I had talked about this whole Magnatunes Jive) Next thing I know, People are paying him to move to the top of his list on the playlist of the radio, and all the rappers...telling their friends to listen. then he started releasing Mix tapes based on popularity, and pulled that off....TO A TEE. CD's sold, and he made more money. And started affiliating with other stations in underground hip hop.


He was a wacked ass rapper, but his guys loved him, he was a good hearted guy. I still dig him probably if I talked t him. He acted hard wearing shades and a hat that made him a John Bulushi looking double on his weekly Ustream channel. That was all good. Hes good people


You see where it went from there. Make the fan base loyal, and you have a win.


Thats my philosophy. I stand by it.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Oh yeah, Tyga /w double P all rolled with DJ bankrupts promoting back in the day. When he got famous? .....Bankrupt, Double Who?



Keep in mind hes doing this interview in 2010, holding his fliphone up to the mic. for Double P, the guy that made the Tyga diss video after his chain got jacked, rapping it was for ransom by his boys.




Moreover, big advice number 2, and this, I stick by it till the day I die.


Your a small internet station. Theres artist out there that just want to be heard. Network. I have a friend I met through this hobby named Scott Driggers, and I back him as an artist. I now call him my friend. He just got done using art talents to do the buttons on my site, and he came up with the Beat transit artwork.


I'll back him as an artist till the day Im done broadcasting. If Im sixty, I'll still back him.


Same with Timmy Beats who's now getting A small following that grows everyday with his dub mixes ( https://soundcloud.com/the1an0nly/somebody-that-i-used-to-know )


.....and with Men Imitating Machines out of Melbourne Austraila.




Ask me my most prized possessions in this hobby?



from http://HTtps://soundcloud.com/men-imitating-machines/interview-on-the-blend-pbs





KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Hi I was wondering how to boost my listeners since I don't have many. I've tried posting on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and everything in between. But it don't seem to be working. And I don't have a budget to advertise. So is there another way of boosting my listeners?


You can't just post on social networks and expect people to care. The key to SOCIAL networks is the SOCIAL part, building relationships with people so that they do care about what you say. This takes a LOT of time an effort. It drives me crazy when I see people who want to hire social media managers to work for them an hour a day. Social media is a full time job where you must share content people are interested in as well as taking part in conversations.


You also have to realize there are real people outside of the Internet world and you have to engage with them as well. Put up posters in the neighborhood, pass out flyers and take part in community events. No matter what you do be prepared to possibly work for years before seeing any major results.





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