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How to render song history with shoutcast v1?


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Ok, so lets talk about how the information renders.


You have metadata in your stream. Its reffered to as ID3 tags. the metainfo embedded into your song


SO, when you stream, this meta is passed along with it.


Your server takes that meta and outputs it into XML data, which can now be accessed by scripts and such to be pulled to your website from the SCv1 server by a PHP script.


SO, to troubleshoot this issue, work in reverse.


FIRST, go to your actual Server (SC page) the place that your encoder is streaming to. Also refered to as your DNAS page.


see if the DNAS is collecting your info.


if it isnt, their is two likely problems:


1) your encoders are not sending metadata, as the setting hasn't been activated.

2) your host has goofed with the installation, or shouldn't be hosting at all due to a poorly configured server (like closing F_SOC, which will prevent that XML from working right)


but most of the time, its just a new streamer hasn't turned on ID3/metatags in their encoder, especially if your using SHOUTcast DSP.


also, check to see if your Meta is embedded in your songs.


You can usually do this in your source player, like if your using winamp, right click the song, and select info.



If it is juist trying to render your meta to your website in HTML, it could be 1 of 3 problems.


1) Your webpage is being hosted by someone that has F_SOC disabled, so no cross XML.

2) Your webhost is a free webhost, that makes profit from traffic to your streaming page, and has intentionally disabled the ability of cross XML.

3) Your PHP/Java script is broken.

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