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SamCast 2013

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I see there is a representative from Spacial that checks in here sometimes so I'll pop this question out there...maybe others might answer as well.


I buy an Icecast streaming host. I use autoDJ all the time, except when we broadcast our live Sunday morning and Wednesday evening church services. I used an earlier version of SamCast with Win XP and had virtually no problems with it. I upgraded the computer to Win 8 and upgraded to SamCast 2013. Now when I start SamCast, if I don't immediately hit the START button (or at least within 2 or 3 seconds) it kicks all the listeners off. If I hit the start button quickly it swaps mounts and everything is as it should be. I know I should just activate the setting that will automatically hit the start button when I start the software, and I will probably do that, but it didn't used to act like that...just mainly looking for an explanation.

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But I was under the impression it shouldn't swap mounts from /autodj to /live until I hit the start button. AutoDJ is still playing when I listen to the station after it has kicked everybody. And as I said above, the earlier version I used when I was running XP didn't do that.
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