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Can anyone recommend a quality Talkshow system for a budding radio station?

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Hi, I'm looking to invest a new talkshow system for the radio station that I work at. We've never had the ability to put phone calls on the air before so I was wondering if ya'll had any suggestons for a system that would do so? I've looked at the Telos HX6 but I think that may be a little too over the top for us. What do ya'll think?
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We use a TelosOne digital hybrid and have setup a mix-minus input into the station's sound board. You have to have call waiting, but you can handle one call with another on hold. You would have to have multiple phone lines or a PABX system to take more callers than that. The hybrid unit was very reasonably priced, second hand from another broadcaster.

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I had this idea, and I know this sounds CRAZY, but for the cheapness, its about as low budget as your gonna get. Keep in mind I dont have a phone line to test it.




2 of these in tandom. Route the one with the switch selected to: record to a channel (that your pickup on the phonecall) and route the one with the switch selected to play to your aux in, with your mic going to that channel. Should work, and on the cheap if your using a house phone.



ME? I use a Smart phone on my mixer. If you want to call me, I will show you how it works.


Basically, I route my audio from my smart phone to a channel, thats it. The smartphone is designed not to loop your voice into the audio mix (for people talking to others in the car, while their phone is plugged into aux)


So when I talk, the phone picks up my voice, the mic picks up my voice, but only the mic is routed into the channel.


Its a possibility to have a cleaner mix than mix-minus due to separate bus routing (not that I have anything against mix-minus, but if BBC doesn't do it, I tend to follow suit) and not as complex because you can avoid aux routing with calls all together.


Plus, most smart phones use skype. so you can do the conference call, or if you have droid? Google hangouts. Google's codec has Has AAC built in, sounds decent.


Andhow might think I'm amateur here, and he would be right, but I just dont really have the audience for Mix-minus.

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