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Novosadian Radio STOTKA is currently broadcasting only via the Internet Stream

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Novosadian "Radio STOTKA" was most favorite Radio Station in the area of Serbia, Vojvodina, and even in some parts of Croatia between 1992 and 2006, with around of 3 MILLION of listeners in that period of time!It broadcasted pop/rock music flavored with short news and service info for the city of Novi Sad, as well as for the rest of the whole region.Beside the good music, "Stotka" was also recognized by her wast culture program (such as numerous book promotions), hosted half a dozen sponsors DAILY (with valuable prizes for their current listeners), had a special segment of their program just for kids and pupils, and was favorite to current mainstream musicians such as Djordje Balasevic, Boris Novkovic, Bajaga, Bora Corba, and so on.Somewhere around the year of 2006 this radio station was silently removed from the air with no good explanation from their host - Radio Television of Vojvodina.Now, "Stotka" can be heard only though the means of the Internet Streaming, and its current popularity is only a small shadow of once well-known, big radio station.The up-to-date news regarding the "Radio Sotka" is that Radio Television of Vojvodina might consider putting Stotka BACK ON AIR somewhere around the fall of the year 2013.For this purpose - every (and each) like of Stotka's Facebook Fan Page might make a difference!So, if You once knew (and loved) the famous "Radio STOTKA" - please hit "Like" on their Facebook Fan page! Let us all be able to listen this radio BACK ON AIR, and not only through the means of the Internet streaming!"Stotka" didn't deserved just to be "put under the carpet" and to be limited to the current Internet stream, that Serbia and whole region now doesn't seem to know that even exists!Please help and support our effort to reactivate Radio Stotka back on AIR!Also, if you have your own pop or rock band, you might consider contacting the current administration of Radio Stotka (through their Facebook Fan Page) for you might be able to arrange a promotion of your band on Stotka's current Internet stream! Everything can be arranged via the Internet, you do not even have to come to the city of Novi Sad!Links:Stotka's Facebook Fan Page: http://tinyurl.com/nbndnjg Stotka's live Internet Stream: http://tinyurl.com/mgcrcof
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