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Quality Dance Music Show For Syndication


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I am bringing back a Dance Music show I used to do locally, it will now be available for syndication. Totally free for anybody who reads this message on Broadcasting World. Any station. Anywhere. Also available as an iTunes podcast. Mainstream dance/pop music, hosted by myself. I work on-air and production on a large market FM. It is a good sounding show. Had a nice following before I took it off the air.


New episodes will be delivered each Thursday, ideally to air on Friday or Saturday, but there are no restrictions.


The first comeback episode will be available this coming Thursday, July 25th.


It is CanCon friendly for any interested Canadian stations, will be delivered in 6 x 17 minute segments along with a text playlist, giving you roughly 9 minutes free per hour to fill with commercials. Will be clean for FM broadcast but may touch on some risky content. Nothing that isn't allowed on the air, but I wouldn't call it a "Family Show" .. more geared toward 18-30 age audience.


You can listen to some old episodes and see playlists here: http://dancewaves.ca/shows


Currently working on getting the website/facebook all back up to date.


If you'd like to start carrying the show, contact me through PM here or the website and I'll get you set up. Will link back to your station with the time of airing and rotating mentions on the show as well.


Stations MUST be licensed and paying the required royalties.





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