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SEEKING : Online Broadcasting Hosting/Provider

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We are currently seeking a service provider for online broadcasting. Please find the requirements below.

  1. Must have the ability to embed embed a player within our website. (MANDATORY)
  2. Must have the ability to upload MP3's and schedule by generating play lists as well as schedule by MP3.(MANDATORY)
  3. Must have the ability to broadcast a live stream as well in addition the requirement above. (MANDATORY)
  4. Solution must have analytics capabilities which will show statistical data. (MANDATORY)
  5. Ability to have a mobile application for user to listen from. (IOS, Andriod) (MANDATORY)
  6. Users must be able to listen by visiting the website via their mobile device (IOS, Android). In other words, the player must work on most browsers. (MANDATORY)
  7. Solution must have the ability to support growth. We are interested in starting with upto 50 simultaneous listeners yet want to have the ability to add more as we grow. Please let us know the minimum and maximum listeners.
  8. Stream must have the ability to stream upto 128K with the option of users listening to a lower quality stream. (MANDATORY)
  9. We are considering the possibility of having an open stream and a premium stream. Users would need to register to get the premium stream with 128K. Please let us know if the solution can support this requirement. (Nice to have)

Would anyone happen to know a provider that meets these requirements?


If you happen to be a provider that is able to delivery the above requirements, please do send an email to santhush@wlscampus.com



Thank you,



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This is all sleepwalk to do:


1) You can do that with any stream. If your using AAC+ then you need to have a server thats KH IC2.


2) This sounds like you dont want a live stream from your house but an automation, ran by a program called SC_trans V2, or ICES, or Liquid soap. This is pretty much ANY host offering centova. Which is usually all of them, considering how easy centova makes it to manage customer relations.


3) Again, easy. Especially if the server is KH icecast.


4) Again easy. If your using centova, or S!RA, easier. But you just have to login to the back of your panel and do the math on IP's connected, ect.


5) Now your getting trickier, but not really. You can offer a tune-in link, which is universal, and a great player.


6) If its a flash player from the browser, why would that be a problem?


7) If your expecting a lot of listeners off the bat, go Icecast. If your expecting less, SC is decent.


8) That may or may not be easy. If your going to be connecting live a lot? Then ICES alone wont work, as you need a transcoder as well


9) If your going to be doing a premium stream, you will need a HTTP ATTH on the stream, sounds like your looking for Icecast tech.





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Thank you for the quick response.


2) That is correct, our main thing is automation. We do anticipate having a few live broadcasts but that would be very few. More like once a week.


4) Statistics wise what we are looking to find mainly are things like, how many are listening currently, past data so we can determine peak and off peak times, geographic information, device information etc.


5) I have seen some providers offer the ability to have a native application which is branded to the station. The use case is that we have a name for the app and users would be able to download it form Itunes or the Android Market space. If the service supports HTML5 where the user can listen to the station without having to download anything it's even better! We don't want the stream to stop if the user switches to do a different task. We want the stream to continue playing in the background.


6) The problem with the flash player is that apple mobile devices don't support it. The flash player would work on a computer but when it comes mobile devices it doesn't seem to work.




I've seen dime a dozen providers, but I would like to go with a provider that someone has used before.


Any sugessions on a provider that can do most of these?


Thank you again!

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I wasn't aware that html 5 flash players arnt supported by flash.


With that being said, you can always write an "alt" into the script, so instead of the usual alt of "download flashplayer" it launches a quicktime enviroment instead.


Im actually going to try this today.


For carriers?


Your asking all the wrong questions.


1) What is your bandwidth and pairing? This is relevent, as lots of carriers can offer good deals, but at garbage bandwidth. This can cause skipping and such


2) What is your prices per slot.


3) What is your capacity on upload of music.


4) what is your hours for your support. This is relevent, as when things go wrong, you want solutions fast.


5) What panel do you offer for hosting?




And to your BIG QUESTION here, it all matters on budget, and what your trying to do. Im not going to answer that question on a public forum, but I will in E-mail. Brutishrobo @ gmail.com . I can show you some different host that do different things. I'll also show what host (multiple) Im using.





KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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These are definitely good things to look for that will separate the decent hosts from the great hosts! They are not ridiculous requirements. It may cost you a few more pennies to get a custom branded player, but a nice HTML5/Flash/Quicktime Backup player is out there...ask me how I know ;)

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