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Hit a wall

Brutish Sailor

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OK, So I hit this wall. I'm sure you all have gone through this, and when I hit it, I hit it hard today.


It actually started last night. So, I was doing some tweaks on my settings. and it dawn's on me a couple of hard facts.


1) I have no ground listener base. No feedback, Though I have left TONS of the ability on my website to do so. When I started this, my co-workers had a passion for dub. But, I'm older. I'm realizing that more and more. I could offer a million dollar prize, and probably not break decent TLH.


2) Lets go back to that older thing. I love my genre. But I just dont connect to any future listeners I guess. I took all this time to get the stream strait, but I'm just not a musical leader of my genre. I really just am too different from my genres fan base.


3) Nothings moving with it. Maybe this is where the wall really started. Its kinda like having a plastic bonzi tree. I trimmed the website till it was just what I envisioned. I made the links like I envisioned. I sat down and came up with a clock wheel formula. I came up with content. I pushed with it. DAR had similar issues, but not like this. That website was garbage. Content was hard to write and push together solo. Its harder than I imagined to be at my age in San Diego, and find people to want to share this hobby with. I even thought a little about abandoning this, and going over to my buddy Gadi's "easy listening classics" station, who is the only broadcaster in SD that reached out to me. At least I could spend some time being more of a stream tech, and really focus on things hes not the best with, like website design and innovation in content delivery. At least like I'm not spinning wheels. But yeah, other than some tiny tweeks, the station does what its supposed to do. All the content is there.


4) Dubstep artist dont really care about getting their name out there. Its like I try to connect through soundcloud. Then, its like.... I got convo for 2 lines, and it just ends. At least with less conventional dub artist, they want to be known, and will work a little to spread their name.




I dont know how the rock genre was when it started. If their was similar issues. Granted the radio was a more utilized means to advertize yourself then, and their wasn't beatport/soundcloud/Youtube/Pandora. Maybe I'm the "not fun" DJ guy, that started taking this too seriously, and its a turn off to this generation of EDM music.


But yeah, big wall here. Its about that time where I reach out for a second to people that's been doing this a little while more than me. Thoughts?

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Brutish if you are enjoying the music you are playing, then stick with it until you stop. Listeners come and go all the time but you do pick up new ones along the way.

Doing a side project could be just what you need at the moment (it will make you feel like you are going forward), so go with that as well. Ive been running with my station for almost 6 years now and a few times I have thought Im not going anywhere until I meet a person down town that I dont know and they say I love your station and that makes me want to carry on.:P

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Listeners figures to my Goodtime Oldies station on Live 365 have been high and low over the last 7 years. Every time I go to change the station to increase the audience the figures increase. So now I just do my thing and enjoy the hobby.
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True story. Its just lately, been doing the voicetracking thing, and pouring a lot of time into scheduling selection, ect. Still not moving like I hoped it would.


Statisticly, Im screwed, I realized that a little too late.


Most radio listeners are mid 30's. So take a bunch of dubstepers that have no original ties to Radio, and have been already raised on a decade of on demand Youtube, On demand myspace when they were younger, and grew into spotify and pandora. Im speaking greek to them.


The ones that do listen to radio are listening to Dubstep.FM, and aside from the garbage layout, isn't that bad of a station. Their investing in a full server, allready have a 192 kbps dedicated port 80, broadcasting, and doing their thing live. They got the chat, they got DJ 1 hour continuous mixes, which I still havent figured out how to legally do yet.


Just to buy an .FM, they must be doing great and dedicated, as .fm cost 70-80 bucks on go daddy.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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