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Radio Directories For Promoting Or Submitting A Radio Station

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Hello There, Its Been A very Long time that i have just logged in Broadcasting World Forums, My Computer Is Reformatted and My Station Is Now Legal and Im Now Using A Paid Shoutcast Hosting Provider (Velocity Central).


Now I Will List Here My Top 5 Stream Directories That I Recommended You To List Your Station For More Listeners:


1. TuneIn Radio - This Is My Preferred Directory To be listed in, you can get extra Listeners after you listed, you can add a another stream url for example: My Stream is 128k, you can add a 64 or 32 KBPS Streams, and its supports MP3, AAC+, WMA and OGG, so this is my first preferred Internet radio directories to be listed in.


2. iTunes Radio - My Secondary option, it gives you boost listeners after you are listed, but sometimes it's really difficult to be listed in, they will provide an email from itunesradio with rules and a .xls file for submitting your radio station to them, this is my 2nd preferred directories to be listed in.


3. WindowsMedia Radio Guide - This Is My 3rd Option, It Also Gives You Some Amount Listeners, and its easy to be listed in, but you will have to go steps just like signing up for the content provider and you need to sign the papers and return it to Microsoft on Washington United States, but your sacrifices are really worth it after you get listed in WMRG.


4. Radiotuna - This is my fourth option to be listed in, It gives me great source of traffic on my servers, meaning I get more listeners on it, it's really simple to add your station on them, just go to their website and sign up for a free account on them and go to hosting tools and look for "submit you station to radiotuna" and paste your shoutcast URL there and click submit, after that you will get a message "found 1 streams, this will be processed within hours" and that's it, this my fourth option to be listed in.


5. Delicast - This my fifth option, the design is simple and the station adding was relatively easy, it gives me more amounts of listeners after I listed in. This is my fifth option to be listed in.


Well that is my top 5 directories to be listed in, by the way here is the another directories to be listed in.



Stitcher Smart Radio

SHOUTcast Directory

Radiotoolbox directory




And Many More...


Well That is our topic for today, if you have found more directories to be listed, you are freely to post here. Thanks!

Visit My Website http://abnradiofm.tk/

ABN Radio FM, ABN Radio AM and ABN Radio TV 2013.


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