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Seeking for shows (dance, top40, Europe)


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A new radiostation from The Netherlands is seeking new DJ's and new shows. Your show may be syndicated, either you can host it live using an instream on a Shoutcast Server.


I will not post the link about the radiostation in public (hard antispam policy on this forum). You may shoot me a PM if you want to know the URL.


Currently, FavoriteFM is looking for these shows:


o (Soulful) House shows

o Dance music

o Mix sets

o Top40 United States

o Top40 Europe


When you're doing a liveshow, you are allowed to play requests from our listeners. That's why our station is called 'FavoriteFM'. Our listeners group contains listeners aged from 14 to 40. Though, we play the music from today. So a classic is fine, but we are not seeking 70's music shows.


A third option is to make voicetracks. Every voicetrack needs to be handed in as an apart MP3-file. Our radio automation knows how to handle voicetracks very well.


Interested? Just write a reply at this topic or shoot me a PM. Please do provide an aircheck or demo, please.




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