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Hi there. 21 year old from Perth, Western Australia here.


Big fan of Broadcasting, in particular Sports.


Host my own Cricket show on 91.3 SportFM. Here's an episode....





Studied at University. Big fan of Howard Stern.


On hear to improve my voice, make some new friends and learn more :)





Also want to ask if anyone on here has Twitter and if I should get it or not and why?

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Welcome! I am originally from Tasmania but moved to Melbourne this year :) Coincidentally, I am your age too haha.


I have twitter but don't update it much. For promotion, I do recommend it. Broadcasting World has a twitter and so does my radio station, increases in likes and participation quite a bit!



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On 8/19/2013 at 7:28 PM, HowardStern said:

Any Australian sport fans on here?

Hi I'm from canberra. I am a big sports fan, I like to watch football (my favorite league in the Premier League) and I am also actively involved in sports. I go to the gym and train according to training programs https://bestbodyworkout.com/athletic-body-type/. I am glad to welcome you to the forum and I hope that you will find answers to your questions.

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