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please help! in need of few VO! thanks in advance...


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:) HI I'M DJ Ryan of Power radio 94.1

can u please help me finishing my projects? just some dry reads for these voice overs.


1. it's your DJ Ryan on power mix

2. do not fear, the best DJ is here, DJ Ryan on the mix

3. the best music on power mix


that is all! Thank you so much in advance to those who will help me :thumbup:

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Hey guys. Please help me stamp my presence on my newbie show.Need a dry/wet drop/promo thats goes like (any one of the 3 will do im not greedy):1) Music from cape to Cairo with Farai...on 97.5 Kemet FM2) this is the motherland safari show with your boy Farai3) the african music odyssey with the Chief...Farai Ps: Farai is pronounced as>> far..rai just as in Rasta...farai lol hope that helpsCheers
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