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New internet broadcasting software

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Does anybody else feel that today's radio software could be much better? If so, you could be a great help to me.


I am a DJ, audio technician, and software developer, and when I started out doing internet radio, I could not help but notice several shortcomings:


- When using a microphone, audio is often low-quality (high latencies, lots of artifacts, noise, pops, etc.).

- It's not easy to make a good live broadcast without extra equipment (mixers, processors, etc.).

- Current software often has a cluttered interface, making it hard to use.

- It takes quite some technical knowledge to get your stream up and running.


So, I set out to create a solution to these problems. Progress is going fast, and I'd like to start a free beta soon. However, I'd like to know if I'm making the right choices in design, so your opinion is very much appreciated.


Some things that I'm working on:

- A much faster, higher quality audio pipeline. Everything sounds professional out of the box, and since it uses ASIO, you can typically achieve latencies below 6 milliseconds, even with an ordinary sound card. This way, you can hear your voice, including any audio processing, directly over your headphones, with virtually no delay.

- A very clear, concise user interface.

- The possibility to get the whole thing as a service, including stream hosting. There is no need to set up stream hosting separately. After you sign up, you fire up the software, log in, and you're on air.


I'd love to hear your opinion on those features, and if you have anything that has been bothering you about today's radio software, or if you're interested in beta-testing the new software, please let me know! You're a great help! :)

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Hi everyone,


I'm no developer, neither a tech guy etc

So please don't get or be offended by any of the following content


I'm a member to BW since 2008, and I have seen already many different types of streaming softwares who're seen as "new and perfect"

I did try-outs of several of them, but none have given Me the satisfaction to discover "the" streaming software


Please, don't shoot Me ...

but I'm still addicted to SAM ... Wrong or not ? I don't care

- it offers Me an almost perfect fade in / fade out (not perfect ... "almost")

- the choice between audiocard or pipeline

- the choice to add dsp plugins

- it has the wellknown PALs who are making it possible to shedule the TOTH ID on the right time "all" the time

- the clockwheel is easy to use, and creates by category a shuffle of all music who is available

- the sheduler drops files or whatever at the right time into the queue list

- and so on etc etc ...


Yes, I found some features into some other softwares ... but none gave Me the full package of features


I"m not a rookie anymore, I started radio in 1978, and yes I have known untill now all possible types of media ... from vinyl to DAT untill the current world of digital media

I mean with this :

- if a broadcaster / host is willing to start a song, an ID, or whatever ... it has to start

- during the early 80s I worked at an FM station who used at those days already an automatic system who made it possible that tapes started at sheduled times / hours, and they even had an automatic insert of commercials and TOTH "in between" the tape who was played by the cassette deck ...

The tech guy of the station those days invented his own way to add an auto cue to a tiny small "silence" part into the tape ... That gave a command to other connected cassette tapes to start playing their content


Its my perception that into the past 3 decades not that much has been improved to create(s) "that" most special feature(s) who makes a specific type of streaming software "the" most favorite of all


In my search to find a suitable software I ever received a free (full) pack of this software : http://www.jazler.com/

(so no crack, but offered to Me as a special gift)


I have to say it works, so far it is used into restaurants, pubs etc

BUT it has one major difference to all other streaming softwares that I ever have seen / used / tried ... ...

It has an amazing sound ! ... and with amazing I mean amazing ... No plugins needed, no settings of bass / treble / mids needed

It has an awesome sound !

But thats about it ... indeed, it can be used at an environment such as a pub etc


My conclusion and "2 cents" of input / reply is ... develop an automatic streaming software, with the features to run both manually as automatic and who offers all known accessories who uplift the final product to the highest level


Once in a while I have sometimes the idea that making radio / broadcasts into the past was easier and better than the current known streaming softwares have to offer

If someone invent that type of software, I'm just a PM away ... and I'm gonna be delighted to discover all possible features

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My first thought; Neat interface! On second though; More colors!


Many radio automation system can be a hazard to use, due to bad coloring options. For me, it's important that different songtypes and jingles have slightly different colors so they can easily be distinguished from other content.


Well, some spontaneous thoughts. Here's a little summary about myself and my experiences over my years in radio business: I started doing web-radio almost a decade ago, at the time, only as a radio host for one of Swedens biggest web-radio stations. Later on i decided to get involved in the back-end of radio hosting, like creating simple streaming solutions. Fortunately this wasn't enough, so I started my own web radio station (PowerFM.se) where I seriously tweaked SAM Broadcaster to be an unique product at the time. With solutions for remote voicetracking, streaming content and a shared enviroment for all my presenters clients.


This solution have worked until now, but with no love for almost a year, I can start to see the cracks due to bad maintaince. As you can understand, we are in desperate need of a new software that can support all these functions out of the box.


It would be grate to joint the BETA, so that we can build amazing software suitable for a medium organization (I have about 15 active presenters at the moment on my crew).


Here are some specifications I think that every quality automation system should contain:

  • Needles to say, but: Radio Automation with nice transitions between songs and jingles.
  • Virtual players by the principe: "Every track, is it's own player" (or correspondiente).
  • Real VoiceTracking, where you can record your voicetrack and live-cue it ontop of prevoius and next track. Like this:

  • Remote voicetracking, to let users without content voicetrack to predefined lists.
  • ASIO engine, for all content.
  • Mic processor, that do basic, but grate sound.
  • Some sort of clockwheel that are creating music-lists for each hour and day intended to voicetrack in by schedule.
  • A detailed event scheduler.
  • http:// streaming of remote content might be handy too.

Here's what I think this software can be without:

  • Main processing (It's better to let another, remote processor to take care of this)

In short, managing content centrally and the ability to do Real VoiceTracking is the main features that i can't live without.


For me as a web-developer, I would also be glad to see the option of using a MySQL server as database. To enable manipulation and creation of new tracks remotely from a backend-system of any kind eg. a website. Of to fetch data to display on website's.


Woha! That was a really long first inlay here!


Best Regards


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We updated our website (take a look at http://www.fluviusmedia.com), and we entered a new round of testing. We implemented a better MP3 encoder, and an innovative timeline-based playback system. We hope this will make this broadcasting software even more user-friendly.


If you're interested in testing, check the website on how to join the closed beta group. It's free and you can even earn a free subscription in exchange for your feedback. We appreciate your help/feedback/feature requests/etc.!

Interested in beta testing Fluvius Radio Pro, our new innovative broadcasting software?

Visit http://www.fluviusmedia.com

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