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Simulcast setup to support iHeartRadio station

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I'm trying to help out a buddy get a station up and running on iHeartRadio. From their requirements:


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So... I've setup a station via IceCast before, but not RTMP/S, nor do I have any idea how one would simulcast on different protocols. Is anyone aware of a service that would do this for you, or have other insight into how I would accomplish this?


I'm ultimately looking for a turnkey solution where I just pay someone to handle all of this for us, if that is an option with any existing streaming provider.

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I have mixed feelings about this. Big media promotes Iheart, but has anyone loaded the app?


I haven't. Neither has anyone I know. They still use Tune-in, and Nobex. Nobex in my opinion is still the coolest app out there for internet radio. Like it better than tune-in. Also gave me a MASSIVE listening count boost, because it supports blackberry, which most apps miss the boat on.

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We are filthy sluts for content aggregators. :retard:


Getting listed on iHeart would be just another notch in the bedpost!

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^ What he said. iHeart is primarily for Clearchannel properties so unless you have a business relationship with them you're not getting in. A number of stations in my old hometown which were all Cumulus owned just recently got added after their merger. Used to be I had to use TuneIn to listen to them and iHeart for everything else.
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