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Streaming video with multi cameras hd to twitch.tv


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Hey guys I'm new here and had a few questions on streaming to ustream or twitch.


Question 1What's the best way to connect 3 cameras and a capture card from a ps3 to a pc. If I'm recording in hd will fire wire have enough bandwidth to handle that much info or is there a better alternative . Also will my computer explode ( I have a massive comp rig )Also is this even possible on one pc.


Question 2


Software wise what's the best for streaming multiple sources at once. I'm hoping to be able to record all the cameras also while streaming . Is there any software that will let me do this. I want to record each camera source as its own file separately while streaming.


Question 3


Audio wise what's the best way to handle and mix this during production for 4 sources .


I know this is a lot of questions , just wondering what others think. Just looking for the best way to do this , doesn't need to be all on one pc can be multiple comps and other gear too. Thanks in advance.

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