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OTT (Over the top TV) Licensing issue


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That would depend on what country you reside in. Usually anything streamed via the Internet does not require a technical license - as per say.

The biggest "license" issue would be the transmission of copyrighted material.


Do you know any standarts/rules for Europe?

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OTT Broadcasters like NowTV, Netflix, WhereverTV, Hulu, & myTV apparently have done deals directly with the owners of the licensed content. I do not think that there is an "OTT Licensing" organisation, so to speak.


There is more here - http://broadcastengineering.com/ott/major-players-set-enter-internet-tv-business-reshaping-content-delivery


Here - http://www.broadcast-asia.com/index.php/conference/speakers-insight/what-will-the-future-of-tv-look-like-and-why-is-ott-a-game-changer/ & here - http://www.venturedata.org/?i458033_Internet-TV-license-side-the-power-behind-the-embarrassing


(*NOTE* - I got all of this information from Google in about 5 minutes of research.)


I[url=http://www.venturedata.org/?i458033_Internet-TV-license-side-the-power-behind-the-embarrassing][/url] don't think that there is an easy answer and most of the members of the Broadcasting World Forums are radio broadcasters (FM & Internet).


This is forum. And people ask about something to help each other.

If you don't want ot help, don't write anything.


I think that Saint was being quite helpful in pointing you in the right direction with the limited knowledge that he and most others have of about OTT Licensing. His being an internet broadcasting consultant I think qualifies him to giving sound advice about this subject. He had offered you an answer to your question and I would probably offer you the same advice.


I think that we have been helpful and wish you the best of luck with your endeavors.

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