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There are a number of different options for that. What is your setup? Shoutcast (v1 or 2?) or icecast? I have a number of different scripts I have put together over the years including ajax based scripts that auto-refresh and one that is specially made for sc_trans. I even have a banner script somewhere that will display the current song title over a banner image.


Let me know what you need and I'll try to get something posted here tonight for you.

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Don't help as much ?

GKIye that script you gave me only has a php script which dont help as much

You ask for this :

hi there i'm looking for some sort

of coding were it shows, what song is currently

playing. don't mind if its php or html, many thanks

The rar file that I shared is the most simple php script, who easily can be inserted to any webpage and who shows the right basic data


By the way ...

include the following code to Your html and the script gonna appear as piece of cake

<?php include "now-playing.php"; ?>


Embed as

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Ok, You can log into your control panel via freestreamhosting.org (upper right corner to log-in). Once you log in, you will see some buttons called:



If you click on SCRIPTS, you will be able to find a Javascript/HTML script that you can include on your webpage, that will tell people's what's now playing. It's the 1st one on the list called: Song title (JS)



-- JE


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