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Need to hook up VAC (not use Stereo Mix) to take live calls on Spreaker

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Hello guys,

I've read the whole internet. There are 10 million people showing how to use external mixers (don't have), Stereo Mix from within Windows (don't have) to take live calls on the air. I have to use Virtual Audio Cable, I guess, on my Windows 7 laptop in order to take live calls on Skype or Google voice. I even did a tutorial already (the only one I could find) and it didn't work, mostly because, I think, the settings on his computer didn't match mine; probably a different OS).


As I'm sure most of you know, lots of computers started shipping without Stereo Mix as an option on input/output devices; mine was one.


Please help me answer a couple questions here:

Short term: how do I fix this so I can take live calls, preferably using Google Voice but using Skype if necessary, while broadcasting live on Spreaker, or is a mixer the only solution?

Longer term: Should I just say screw hosting providers and set up my own server at home, and would it hurt me greatly that I only have DSL and would not be jacked into the router, but using a wireless connection instead?


Thanks a million trillion. I've always had a fantasy about having my own radio show and except for the tech. difficulties (and I'm a trained PC/IT guy), I'm rather enjoying it--it really seems like something I could do for the rest of my life and maybe build a modest following. I just need to figure out how to get it right. Thank you again.

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Ok, your best option (because it sounds like your completely new at this, is to watch this tutorial:


It will get gears gyrating. Money is worthless in this hobby, save it for throwing it out the window on gear like the rest of us.





This was for a hard mixer, but can be easily modified once you understand the concept.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Ok tried this, and used sound recorder to test while getting a call from another phone to the computer (Google Talk), and I was getting some terrible static; when I open Voicemeeter, everything seems great. If I have the "A" channel on on the left, I can hear my voice feedback, etc (I usually turn it off). But then, after sitting there a couple of mins, this strobe-like sound starts of this rhythmical static, almost like you're trying to speak through a window fan. Sound recorder picked it up as well (even AFTER i went to the third tab over in Voicemeeter and disabled "A" out of desperation, trying everything, which finally killed the echo but I wasn't sure if the recording would continue--of course it did, with the static interference). What a pain this is turning out to be; I'm seriously starting to think mixer now, but can't do that for a couple weeks and I have several shows between now and then. Any idea what I might be doing wrong on this setup? I followed the video to a T. Edited by wutzthedeal
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And yes, mixer is a WHOLE lot easier. for the record too, you could have fixed that sound pretty easy, but you would need to A) remove you FRIGGIN MIC away from the speakers, and B) Reset you sound propertys, as you have probably been tinkering with the sound settings to get your comp to input output sound.


If you are having an issue with the software itself? Let the designer of this program know whats up.

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KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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