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Quick question regarding Zara Radio free


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I have been using the free version of Zara Radio and have a question regarding the alphabetical listing of the music titles. I have some 2000 MP3s already listed in Zara Radio's play list and was adding some new ones as the program was running. I added them by right clicking the files in the tree and adding them to the play list. Once I was finished, I noticed that the songs were added just below the current title that was playing. This caused my list to become jumbled rather then being alphabetical by the song's title. I looked for a way to get all of the titles to become alphabetical and there did not appear to be a way to do this, besides high-lighting the title and either dragging it up or down the list or using the up or down arrow to place the title in the same location as it is listed in the music folder. Now my question. Besides adding each title to the list while the song above or below it is high-lighted, is there an easier way to do this when adding some 20 or so new titles to the play list so they are listed alphabetically? Not sure why the enter key won't allow me to space out my paragraphs here, so please excuse the word congestion. Thanks in advance. Bruce.
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