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I suppose You mean iRadio as part of the project of iTunes ?


Reading several articles and reviews about it, it looks that it gonna be the best way to capture any song ever made

It happens still today to internet radio's ... the use of stream rippers ... and it gonna be used also to their project

iRadio = the biggest jukebox ever made !


They also have choosen a name to their project who is - in the todays world - oldfashion

Many stations in the past decade have used iRadio into their IDs to tell their listeners that a radio was offering an "Interactive" service (ex : on demand requests) or it was meant as part of the callname to show people that they're an "Internet Radio"


so far my 2 cents :rolleyes:

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A while back saw some posts on the release of iRadio. Well I looked at it and unless I am missing something it is a complete disaster, what do you think? Good for private internet radio

I think it's competition. Both for Pandora, and of course for stations listed in the old iTunes Internet Directory (which is still there, but somewhat hidden in the US version of iTunes).


Apple avoided branding it iRadio, I believe because that trademark was taken. They launched it this past week simply as "iTunes Radio" and judging from the fact that it trended top-10 for three straight days on twitter, and reading through some tweets, it's a hit with listeners.

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If you notice that iRadio and Internet Radio Stations are listed next to each other in itunes. One is going to win, one is going to lose, Which will it be?

-- JE


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