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Thought I posted this last night.


How about a spot on the forums for bountys on web/radio scipts


Basiclly a spot for broadcasters to communicate with programmers, for scripts. They poster could send a "pot" to BW. If other broadcasters want to contribute, they can "throw" in the pot as well.


When the code is good, and all pot throwers give it a thumbs up, The pot becomes a split with the developer/programmer and BW. 95/5.


Everyone wins.

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So a bit like KickStarter? LOVE the idea! A few hurdles though.


It's a bit hard to do the split payments unfortunately, so we wouldnt be able to take a cut :(

My experience with Paypal for the last month has been draining! I am setting up adaptive/split payments for the shows section (you can post up shows and people can buy them). We are asking for a 20% cut in all sales and we have to fully custom code a PayPal API enabled script for it (pure hell) and go through an application review which has taken forever due to documents needed, further detail about what we wanna do and more... Its hell.


Anyway, a bit off topic. Love the idea, I'll look into doing it and coding a section for it (we will keep it off the forums, as that can get tricky). We will see how I go with the SHows Section & PayPal ;)

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