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Voiceover Request

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Hi! I would like to request a few voiceovers for my radio station. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


1. "You're listening to Country Crossroads Radio. Home of your favorite commercial free country mix"

2. "More Music. Less Talk. No Commercials. All day, every day. You're listening to your favorite country mix on Country Crossroads Radio"

3. "Today's Country, Classic Country, Bluegrass, Gospel. Whatever your taste, you'll find it here... commercial free. You're listening to Country Crossroads Radio."

4. "You're listening to Country Crossroads Radio online... broadcasted in Atlanta, heard around the world. Stay tuned for more of your favorite country mix commercial free."

5. "Live from the WCCR 24 hour news and weather center, it's time for the news and weather information you need, right here on Country Crossroads."


Thanks so much!

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1- We have rules here about voiceovers. As new member you have to make a specific amount of posts (10), before you can request a voiceover. You don't have to make posts, one after the other - because that looks as spam to us.


2- You are asking for a whole lot for free. For that much verbage, you really need to contribute to the VO artist.


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