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Shared SAM´s Database

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Hey There!


I have two different PCs in different locations which I use for my stream. So it would be great if they could share the same database so that their configuration (weights on songs, scheduler, scripts...) can be exactly the same.


I allready have all my songs on a shared Google Drive folder where both PCs are connected to.

So I was wondering if I could place SAM´s Database on that Drive folder too, so that both SAMs could share only one Database.

I allready tried placing the database file (SAMDB.fdb) on google drive and redirecting his way on SAMBC.core, but it didnt work.


Has anyone a clue what can be done??


Thanks so much in advance..

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You can use a MySQL server hosted in a regular website-hosting environment. Although it is not recommended by Spacial, I have used this solution for several years by now in a bit more advanced manner. To use this method, I would recommend that you get yourself a good internet provider which is stable and fast (an optical fiber connection is preferred).


Have a go on it, and see if this fits your need.

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If your running multiple streams?


One is the audio source/processing, one is the streamer.


Network the computers, and have the metadata on the streaming comp pull the meta from localhost.


As mentioned above, best way to pull this off is optical out on the audio, to optical in on the streaming computer via optical cable and sound cards that support it.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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