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Code Bounty: Meta Generator

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This one is a split bounty.


1) A program for standalone DSP's like edcast to Generate meta from Zara/foobar/ any other Currentsong.txt with a source program.


Basiclly it has a clock. You set the clock for various times you want it to display meta. Very useful for recorded shows, to send metadata of songs, when you dont wantto/ cant manually send, and at the same time, useful for talkshows, that dont list their name for upload, when you auto set a schedule rule through your comp to snag their syndication.


The program has a clock, with divided times. It has blocks, and you can select a block.


It would kinda would look like a Microsoft Xcel document (how I see it in my mind). Then you just highlight the block/blocks (if you need to go to the 60 minute chart), with the time, and enter the meta title. Then make the output a .txt file, that when queried (similar to zaras "now playing" text) sends the meta to be entered from the program.


I can throw 10 bucks on it Oct 15'th. Anyone else interested? Pledge into the pot.


More questions? let me know.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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