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Code Bounty: Meta 2 piece for load balance.

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Second bounty on this concept. A two piece script (technically 3, including whats on the HTTP server). Setting up duel computers for load balancing is hard for some.


So this second script would be uploaded to their website. Kinda would work like this.


Source player generates the meta tite----> ((((Script grabs meta from a source)))) -----> Script hits the server, server grabs the meta and makes it easy for ID3 display to site-----> ((((second part of the script grabs data from server))))-------->converts meta to .txt file to be an easy read from streaming device.


Where this would come in handy: Say someone wants to stream to multiple servers, or needs to display meta in his titles for a JLA. What this would allow is one computer to be the source, and the other comp be the streaming comp. Wouldnt matter if hes using a mixer with one computer, and has audio from source on one, and output to the stream on the other.



OR if hes crazy enough, double male 3.5 mm from the "speaker out" on one comp, to the "line in" on another. This is crazy BTW.


But anyways, yeah, gets his ID3 display on his site, and meta transfer from 1 comp to the other all in one shot. Pretty neat idea.


$10 on it, starting Oct 15'th. If your interested, pledge in the pot.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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