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I need a radio show with dance music of the 90s

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Hi there dancefloor


If you looking for a radio station then look no further. My name is stuart russell and I am the owner and creator of weststarradio.co.uk

West Star Radio is a new radio station based in the uk. We offically launch on the 1st of november and currently looking for dj's.

However we are a none profit organisation and dj's volunteer a couple hours aweek to spn there tunes.

You are free to do play as you see fit and choose what slots you would like to play. We even make up jingles and sweepers for your shows.


Then please either email me stuart@cullywebsolutions.co.uk or go to http://www.weststaradio.co.uk and fill in the app form on the front page and I will get to you as soon as poss.

West Star Radio Plays a variety of music from dance to 60s and I think that we would suite your tastes.


Anyway thanks for your time and best of luck finding a radio station




Stuart Russell

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