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Voice Over for EDM Mixes?


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Hello Everyone,


I'm looking to get a voice over done for the EDM mixes I publish online. I public Trance and Progressive mixes.


I deally this is what I'm looking for.

  1. "Double Naught" - This is so I could put it in the background. The main intent is so people don't claim my work as their own.
  2. "www.facebook.com/DoubleNaught" - To drive people to my facebook page.
  3. Intro prior to the first track. I'm thinking "Yet another episode by DoubleNaught to awaken your soul"

I'm thinking we do the first one and if all is well, work on the other two.


Let me know what kind of donation you would like or how long you think it would take you to work on this.


Thank you,

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The production company we use in New Zealand. They specialize in high-energy, cutting edge production and do a lot of ESM-genre based imaging. Very reasonably priced, professional and convenient!


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