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Female Voice-Over Request for Church Broadcast


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Hello All:


I kindly need a female voice over for a church radio broadcast. Please see the below script for details.



Welcome friend, to a message from Covenant Family Chapel. The church where you can come just as you are. We thank you for listening as Pastor Neil Acheampong provides guidelines on how to live your life by the Word. This message will provide biblical teaching from the Word of God.




We hope this message from Pastor Neil Acheampong at Covenant Family Chapel has truly been a blessing to you. If so, please visit the church’s website at Covenant Family Chapel dot org. And consider joining us for one of our worship services to discover the difference. We meet Sunday mornings at nine o’clock. Located at 5 East Second Street in Frederick. We look forward to worshiping with you as we grow together in the grace and knowledge of Him.




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