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"seek" not working.

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Watching the video it looks that the classical station is the issue


- On FM there can appear mirror frequencies = This is not legal, but possible (sources can be anything, ... but also for example the weather : example = if too hot ... or a transmitter who has a bad setting etc etc)

- a mirror on a specific frequency multiplies in space ... example = mirror A at a range of 2.20MHz doubles to mirror B at 4.40MHz etc ... important both on the right and left side of the frequency spectrum

- depending on de power (KW) of the transmitter of that classical radio station the range can expand ...

- Check Your video once again ... To my point of view the difference of the mirror to Your frequency is lesser than 1MHz (Right or wrong ?)


- So far ok ...

- but a stereo frequency at FM "needs a space" to transmit ... That space is to both the left and right channel 0.75MHz times 2 = 1.5MHz of needed space to create a comfortable transmition and reception

So two stations has to be separated from eachother with at least 1.5MHz, but in reality 2 stations don't affect eachother if they have a bigger space


Conclusion : if station A is at 90MHz ... the nest station has to be at 91.5MHz ... However 91.8 would be better etc etc

Practical : if 90MHz is the main frequency, but it is using in reality "space" from 89.25 untill 90.75 MHz to transmit a stereo signal

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I did some WIKI


This is what You need to transmit : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dipole_antenna and not a Yagi antenna

Yagi was mainly used as "reception" antenna for TV, to transmit it broadcasts a signal in "only one direction"

Check picture : Richt-kar.png

Yagi : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yagi-Uda_antenna

This gives You an idea of my explanation : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FM_broadcasting

This is how it goes at the USA : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FM_broadcasting_in_the_USA

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I would kinda agree against the Yagi, but the location I was at?


LIKE.....30 miles away from site. Thats with an IPO of 135. It kicks some ass. Considering it reaches from East county to the Shores of San Diego, not bad.



Its a shively 6025, and it got the green light from the manufacturer as an FM antenna (they field tested it at site)


Keep in mind, were broadcasting in mono, (from a shoutcast server, going to transmitter)



But even around site, same thing. Papabear: One of the neigboring frequencys I locked into was in mono. By therory, ANY carrier signal can be locked into on Seek. I can lock into my FM reciever pluged into my truck, staticky because its too far away from the antenna, but this? clear signal, and no lock.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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I understand that. I'm just not too sure how the seek works. I would think it would simply lock on to the next strong signal it finds. I just don't know if there are different modes of seek for example.


As to the antenna, I don't see why that would be an issue either. If you are receiving the signal clearly when you manually tune it in....


Odd problem indeed...

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Its actually tilted on its axis. 45 degrees.


HMMM. interesting concept. It would cost a ton to change its configuration, once you do, the FCC requires a licensed engineer to verify its position true, and We would have to re-submit paperwork (FCC req for full powered station)

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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