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Crew needed for a new internet radio station

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Hi guys I'm new to this forum and website.


I'm looking for a crew to help build up a new internet radio station called West Star Radio


There are several Roles needed here is a list.



  • DJ's
  • Voiceover Staff Male and Female ( To Help with jingle making and more)
  • Design Staff
  • Chat room admins
  • Facebook Admins
  • Twitter admins
  • Tech Staff ( Assisting New members with Sam etc).



Website is already complete and server already to go I am aiming to launch properly on the 1st November.

If anyone is Interested Please either email me stuart@cullywebsolutions.co.uk or go to West Star Radio: Application .


Many thanks for your time to read this email and look forward to working with some quality crew and make this project successful. Please note that this is a none profit organisation and peeps who work with us volunteer there time.



All the Best.

Stuart Russell

Owner & creater of

West Star Radio

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