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Cornucopia Broadcasting - Halloween Takeover

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‘Cornucopia Broadcasting’ is an online radio station which is all about imagination, exploration and experimentation. The station primarily features a rotating schedule of new drama & comedy created by our amazingly talented team of writers, performers and producers.


Every Halloween we clear the schedules to spend a few days broadcasting all the spooky and horrific material we've created over the past five years. Featuring radio plays, comedy sketches, poetry and monologues. So why not give it a try and spend your Halloween with us?


To see the types of things we're producing and broadcasting, why not listen to one of our new pieces for 2013? "City Dwelling Aliens" by Tammy Jones https://soundcloud.com/cornucopiaradio/city-dwelling-aliens


Our original productions are also made available under a creative commons agreement, so if you'd like to broadcast them on your own station. Get in touch!! Also if you want to help out with the station in any way; drop us an email studio@cornucopia-radio.co.uk


Head over to our website and listen right now:

Cornucopia Broadcasting: Live Radio Stream


Or listen via this website at:

Cornucopia - Broadcasting World

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