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Enhancing Audio Files


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I have become a recent fan of Old Time Radio. Unfortunately some of the recordings of these shows leave much to be desired in audio quality. Some of the major problems encountered are lack of tonal frequency, clarity and volume levels.

( Some of the recordings sound as if the production was recorded in a metal tube at 20,000 leagues under the sea in a whisper. )


Is there software or an application that can be used to enhance the fidelity, clarity and volume level of pre-recorded audio files ?


Thank You


Captain Nemo

Broadcasting From The Submarine

Nautilus :lol:

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I have been downloading and working on OTR files for several months now. Without spending into the thousands of dollars for really good mastering software, you just have to download and try various programs and try them out. For clicks, pops and hiss, look at these programs. http://www.clickrepair.net. I've had pretty good results with Denoise and Click Repair, But they can't fix everything. I've experimented with several program trials for clarity and fidelity, some help, but still does not make them outstanding, but more understandable. Volume wise, you can use audacity (free download), to get the volume up before trying to remove hiss, static, crackle and pops. It's a lot of work trying to restore these files. Some are to far gone to really be able to save. Here is an example of a file that I've worked on. First 30 seconds is untouched second 30 seconds is cleaned up.
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