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Internet Radio Expert Needed!

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Hey all,


Been awhile since being on the forums, and it just so happens I may need one of you to help me out with one of my projects. For my last year in College, I have to write an essay on a certain topic, and mine is:


"The changes being made in radio stations in order to compete with Satellite/Internet Radio"


I would like to interview one or two of you over email. For those of you interested, please email me at bradleybest21@gmail.com


My questions will be both Internet-Terrestrial related and your opinions will matter indefinitely for when I write certain chapters of my paper. You will be credited.


Please, please help me out if you can... my last two interviewees canceled out last minute and if anyone is able to help, that would be awesome.


Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing from you all!



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